Is there any official documentation from Openstack to install Monasca Monitoring Service on Mitaka version Thanks in advance

asked 2016-11-13 20:39:14 -0600

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Hi everyone nice to meet you all i am installed openstack mitaka with 1 controller node ,2compute nodes and 1 block node i need to install monitoring service "Monasca" on my Openstack Mitaka Environment is there any official documentation to setup. Because i have find many documentation on internet but not official documentation. Thanks in advance.

Abhilash S

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answered 2018-11-14 12:47:17 -0600

MikeMcDonough gravatar image

While I have yet to find a step by step method of installing Monasca like we have seen for installing other openstack services (i.e. cinder, nova, etc) within official OpenStack sites, the (OpenStack Wiki) suggests deployment using (Docker), (Kubernetes), (Ansible), and (Puppet). Each of these assumes one is fully versed in these deployment methods

Another path is to look within the code base of each component of Monasca (i.e. monasca-api, monasca-agent) found on github, for the installation instructions. These are found on (gitlab).

Though not OpenStack official documentation, In MUME's " (blog of the ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences))" one finds (a 2015 post that seems to be a step by step procedure for installing Monasca).

This is my research on this subject to this point. I will be attempting a Kubernetes install shortly and will post a follow-up comment

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