"Corrupt image download" in Mirantis Openstack 8.0(Liberty) HA mode.

asked 2016-11-09 07:21:48 -0500

dongdan39 gravatar image

Hi, Experts, I got the "Corrupt image download" error when launching a windows 7 qcow2 image in Mirantis Openstack 8.0(Liberty). The openstack is a HA mode with 3 controller nodes. The problem is that this image(~7GB size) works quite well with the same Mirantis Openstack 8.0(Liberty) in single controller mode. The error message says: "Corrupt image download. Checksum was xxxxxxxxx expected yyyyyyyyyyy", seems the compute node has problem to download the image from the controller nodes to it. But I tested that when try "glance image-download --file win7.qcow2 <win7-image0id>" and check the downloaded image, the checksum is the same as the original image file, so the image itself is correct. Does anybody know what is the problem and how to solve it? Thanks!

Cheers, Dongdan

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