openstack san fc storage ?

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Im coming from vmware and hyper-v world. In hyper-v and vmworld every host/compute have access direct/connect to block storage using fc, in openstack world theres is cinder, my question is does every compute node to access storage first must through cinder first, then cinder connect to fc storage ? I mean if my vmware/hyper-v server already have HBA connect direct to storage and then im moving to openstack that hba became useless, or in openstack compute node does need hba ?


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answered 2016-11-18 11:01:32 -0600


I think you've got a wrong idea on what Cinder actually does.

Your compute nodes will need to access the SAN in order to attach volumes exposed by Cinder. Cinder will not act as a proxy for those volumes. It will just make sure that the volumes are visible on the compute node side, returning the information required so that the Nova can connect those volumes and attach them to VMs on a passthrough basis.

Regards, Lucian

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Hi Lucian,

Thx, so my 'old' SAN can still be used with openstack, no bottleneck here, Because compute node have direct access to block storage.

superbaim gravatar imagesuperbaim ( 2016-12-14 19:12:14 -0600 )edit

answered 2017-06-16 05:35:05 -0600

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I have 6 compute node, 1 control, 1 SAN switch (brocade 6505) and 1 SAN (IBM Storwize V3700). Openstack version is 3.6.0. Connect them with fiber channel. If I create a new volume in an openstack project, then it is allocated on the SAN and I can attach it to a volume, but if I have an existing volume on the SAN, than the openstack cant see it. Do you have any idea why? Thanks!

(sorry for my English)

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