Trying to learn HP Helion CS9 via HP OpenStack CE, will this work?

asked 2016-11-02 11:22:46 -0500

MiniMe gravatar image

Hi guys

I am a network engineer and one of my tasks in my new role would be to look after the Orchestration components of CS9. I will probably have to write templates for Ruters/Firewalls/LoadBalancers and other network appliances.

At this point I have two questions:
-What is the best way to setup my own lab (I am running ESXi +VCenter ,16 cores, 64G of RAM -I can add up to 128G) and what is the most appropriate product for this:
-HP CS (v9 or 10) Enterprise -I don't think that I have the resources for this
-HP CS (v9 or 10) Foundation
-HP OpenStack Community Edition (I can not find a link to download this)
-How much I will be missing (network wise) if I learn this using the Foundation or Community edition?


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