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AMQP server on controller1:5672 is unreachable: timed out.

asked 2016-10-27 16:14:23 -0500

kaleem gravatar image

updated 2016-10-27 17:02:55 -0500

running openstack mitaka on ubuntu 14.04 with 3 nodes, controller1, compute1, block1.


The thing this error is affecting is causing my nova-compute instance to be in state down and all of my neutron services on both controller and compute node are down. I've tried restarting the services, rabbitmq, and no luck.

1 thing actually did work for me temporarily was adding this entry: "ram_allocation_ratio=3" in the default section of /etc/nova/nova.conf. I got a "Reconnected to AMQP server on controller1:5672 via [amqp] client" message in the nova log and I was able to launch an instance but after 10 minutes the errors below re-emerged.

The error I get in dashboard when trying to launch an instance is "not enough hosts available" and I know it's connected to rabbitmq's port 5672 on my controller blocking off messages from my compute node. I have tried looking at iptables and I have ran this command to try and enable this rabbit port: "iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 5672 -j ACCEPT," and that still didn't work for me.

I have tried adding cpu_allocation_ratio=16 under the default section of nova.conf to see if it was an issue if nova couldn't see my storage, but it did nothing.


tail -f /var/log/nova/nova.conf on compute1 node gives me this output:

2016-10-27 13:56:11.252 8670 ERROR oslo.messaging._drivers.impl_rabbit [req-bb092395-1187-4ec2-b5f2-10530d0e7905 - - - - -] The broker has blocked the connection: low on disk 2016-10-27 13:56:21.253 8670 ERROR oslo.messaging._drivers.impl_rabbit [req-bb092395-1187-4ec2-b5f2-10530d0e7905 - - - - -] AMQP server on controller1:5672 is unreachable: timed out. Trying again in 1 seconds.


nova-consoleauth | controller1 | internal | enabled | up

nova-scheduler | controller1 | internal | enabled | up

nova-conductor | controller1 | internal | enabled | up

nova-compute | compute1 | nova | enabled | down


DHCP agent | controller1 | nova | xxx | True

Metadata agent | controller1 | | xxx | True

Linux bridge agent | compute1 | | xxx | True

Linux bridge agent | controller1 | | xxx | True

L3 agent | controller1 | nova | xxx | True

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answered 2016-10-29 03:15:55 -0500

mesutaygun gravatar image

try ufw disable

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answered 2016-11-01 04:06:59 -0500

yprokule gravatar image

@kaleem - some other things to check.

On controller - rabbitmqctl status to ensure rmq is up-n-running

On compute - can controller1 be resolved - ping controller1 Access port - nc controller1 5672

Check rabbit credentials in nova.conf both on controller and compute nodes.

Also, enable debug and restart services this might give additional info.

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Also, are either compute or controller low on disk space like the error suggests?

rabbitmqctl cluster_status will show if any rabbit partitions are present. May need to restart rabbit or rejoin the rabbit cluster.

The allocation_ratios in nova.conf are more for scheduling instances.

aludwar gravatar imagealudwar ( 2017-01-10 16:06:33 -0500 )edit

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