Openstack Mitaka + neutron openVswitch + VMware-NSX plugin

asked 2016-10-26 16:19:48 -0500

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I’m in the process of integrating VMware infrastructure with my existing Openstack infrastructure and the details of the same are as follows … Can you please let me know , whether these two components can co-exist together in the same infrastructure.

Controller node  1 single controller  CentOS 7  Running Mitaka release. Network node  1 single network node  CentOS 7  Running Mitaka release  Neutron openVswitch as ML2 Plugin.  Distributed Virtual Router (DVR) enabled. Compute node  5 compute nodes  CentOS 7  Running Mitaka release  KVM hypervisor  Neutron openVswitch agent  Distributed Virtual Router (DVR) enabled. Cinder node  1 single Cinder block node  CentOS 7  Running Mitaka release  Ceph rbd backend.

Requirement :

My VMware infrastructure (vCenter server appliance 6.x) needs to be integrated with the above mentioned NEUTRON infrastructure using NSX plugin at the same time my existing infrastructure should remain intact. Or is there any other way available to accomplish this without any impact to the existing infrastructure ?

Kindly let me know whether this is possible ? if so kindly share me the steps to get it configured …

Thanks -TJ

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