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DHCP failes to lease an IP address

asked 2016-10-20 17:51:55 -0500

Sherry gravatar image


I installed OpenStack Newton, and was launching an instance. The instance was launched successfully but an IP was not able to associate to the instance.

Starting network... udhcpc (v1.20.1) started Sending discover... Sending discover... Sending discover... Usage: /sbin/cirros-dhcpc <up|down> No lease, failing

and also the network port is showing status as BUILD not active.

I have my setup on the esxi server.


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answered 2016-10-25 15:19:03 -0500

aegiacometti gravatar image

take a look at this two points: 1.- the vSwitch has to be configured in promiscuos 2.- only assign one external NIC to the vSwitch

also explore this two commands in order to follow the packets as it goes in openstack 1.- tcpdump of each involved interfaces: eth, bridge, tap 2.- brctl to show how interfaces are beeing bridged, and brctl showmacs to see how the mac are associated to portIDs (maybe you can see there when MACs are flapping betweens portIDs, and that would be a loop if you have 2 external NICs in a vSwitch)

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answered 2016-10-27 05:41:20 -0500

mesutaygun gravatar image

you must look with port analyzer. must be wrong ethernet port or interfaces name check and neutron agent-list result put this page. and also you have to check log files about neutron-l3-agent.

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