Rally for Experts: Putting true load on Openstack with Rally, "stress" and motitor it with "sysbench"

asked 2016-10-18 09:13:29 -0500

Thomas Li gravatar image

I have automated nearly everything possible with Rally. Its a great tool but putting load on openstack by letting Openstack deploy stuff all the time isnt the situation that admins will face in reality. So i started to think about how can i put true load on Openstack with Rally, "stress" VMs a motitor VM it with "sysbench" that need to run et least 10 Minutes due hhd benchmarks and maybe some 10% of the load my be generated by what Rally was originaly build for: "deploymenttests".

I faced several problems:

Config override: I watn to run it as a separate Rally development job with its own scenarios and not the production job, but that leads to the problem that you can only define timouts in one central file, rally.conf which will affect production jobs, that will lead to other problems that need to be solved. Is there an option to override the rally config just for one specific job?

Parallelization: I need to run "stress" on several VMs an motiotor the affects on the cluster with sysbench on a separate VM, that means i need to run at least 2 separate scenarios, that needs to be supported. I know it was promised in a presentation long ago, but is it released right now?

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