Compute creating HTTP connection to ESX instead of vCenter

asked 2016-10-17 09:29:13 -0600


I'm using mitaka with VMware vCenter and noticed something odd when compute uploads the new images (VMDK) on the datastore.

When I try to launch a new instance, I noticed that compute is trying to contact an ESX directly instead of the vCenter. I did not have this behavior in kilo.

Here is an extract of nova-compute:

2016-10-17 14:21:30.135 3601 DEBUG nova.virt.vmwareapi.images [req-205a5450-4f8d-4138-a3d2-0dee80bc8669 c45bd723520e442a98396f293f1ccc4d c756458f88e0474a9a9e1adb8e734259 - - -] [instance: 6a916761-01f2-4e8b-b01b-9be9c4e8fb0f] Downloading image file data 07cdf1f1-660d-4718-9ad9-c381ef21c145 to the data store [DATASTORE_NAME] fetch_image /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nova/virt/vmwareapi/
2016-10-17 14:21:30.959 3601 DEBUG oslo_vmware.rw_handles [req-205a5450-4f8d-4138-a3d2-0dee80bc8669 c45bd723520e442a98396f293f1ccc4d c756458f88e0474a9a9e1adb8e734259 - - -] Creating HTTP connection to write to file with size = 15032385536 and URL = https://[ESX_ADDRESS]:443/folder/vmware_temp/0e8f3eaf-d799-47f0-9923-33a0dbed530a/07cdf1f1-660d-4718-9ad9-c381ef21c145/07cdf1f1-660d-4718-9ad9-c381ef21c145-flat.vmdk?dsName=DATASTORE_NAME&dcPath=ha-datacenter. _create_write_connection /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/oslo_vmware/

On my kilo platform, I see the same messages except that compute creates a connection with the vCenter, not an ESX. The configuration is basically the same on both compute.

How do I make my mitaka compute talk to my vCenter instead of the ESX? Do I need to grant me mitaka compute access to each ESX directly?

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