magnum integrates with senlin and ceilometer

asked 2016-10-12 07:12:10 -0600

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I have found an impressive demo on 2015 Tokyo Summit about Magnum integrating with Senlin and Ceilometer to do the autoscaling on both pod and VM level.

Here is the video (

I have install openstack mitaka with magnum, senlin and ceilometer.
I want to reproduce the demo but have some questions.
First, the demo said that magnum will use senlin to create a kubernetes bay, but actually magnum used Heat template to create kubernetes bay, so how can I make magnum use senlin to create the cluster?
Second, it seems that ceilometer doesn't integrate with magnum or kubernetes cAdvisor/Heapster, so how can ceilometer retrieve the resource usage information from the kubernetes bay?

Thanks very much!
Make openstack have the ability to automatically manage the container cluster on both VM and container level is so fatastic.

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