recover from "Stop action is forbidden for the cluster"

asked 2016-10-10 01:22:25 -0500

Zohar gravatar image


I use Fuel Openstack Liberty-8.0 had 2 computes + 3 controllers + 1 cinder. Tried deploying new nodes got stuck on installing os phase (possibly issue with mcollective service down)
Tried stopping the deployment resulted "Stop action is forbidden for the cluster". I have tried rebooting Fuel master & nodes. Now all services are up but Fuel master never stop deploying and nodes stuck in provisioning state. Even fuel reset not allowed "Cant reset environment 7 when deployment is running".

This issue is documented and fixed for future release ( (

My question is can I get back control over my environment? Or should I reinstall fuel master?

Sorry for not placing logs or commands output as my deployment is on private network totally isolated from www.

Thanks, Zohar

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