Is there any way to provide Run parameters to a docker container image when starting a container from openstack nova?

asked 2016-10-08 04:40:21 -0500

We have been able to configure docker on openstack with out any problem. And we are able to pull and run some docker containers. But for some containers we need to provide docker run parameters and we cannot do that using openstack-nova. Is there any way to provide run parameters for a docker container when creating the container via Openstack-nova?

For example if we want to launch wordpress we need to connect the wordpress container to a mySQL container. So when using docker we can provide docker run parameters as

docker run --name some-wordpress --link some-mysql:mysql -d wordpress

But when creating the wordpress through openstack-nova it is impossible to provide those RUN parameter.

We have a temporary solution of merging all the required containers in to a single container because it doesn't require any run parameters but this is quite cumbersome and inefficient. If there is any way to provide those RUN parameter when lunching a container through openstack-nova it would help us a lot.

Thank you in advance.

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