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Hi everyone, i’m a new user and i’m going to use openstack for my phd candidate.

I have followed the user guide for installing openstack on ubuntu 14.04, but i have installed on my 2 servers ubuntu server 16.04.

Due to university networking restriction, i have installed an hybrid network configuration, the first Provider Network with one physical network interface only, since we don’t have public IP addresses for VMs.

If i am logged in cirros by username and password and set the ip address and the route i can ping from and to controller and compute.

I cannot understand the problem in my configuration because all is up.

Could anyone help me?

Best Regard Daniele

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answered 2016-10-07 09:25:31 -0600

Is your VM only connected to the Provider Network? If so, it's possible that either a) your VM can't reach the metadata agent to get its IP information automatically, or b) that the OS image you're using doesn't support cloud-init.

For most images, you can specify a 'config drive', which provides this information to provider-only VMs, essentially you can just specify '--config-drive true' as part of the nova boot options or check the 'configuration drive' tickbox in Horizon. More information here: http://docs.openstack.org/user-guide/cli-config-drive.html

(note: there's also the 'enable_isolated_metadata' option, which is a configuration change in Neutron itself)

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