installing devstack on a host - DNS fails on the host

asked 2016-10-05 16:23:08 -0500

anonymous user


I installed devstack on a laptop (Ubuntu 16.04).

I did a default installation. After typing ./ - the installation is completed. I am able to access the Horizon GUI on the same host and work with it (create networks, launch VMs...) BTW, I needed to have only one change NOVNC_BRANCH=0.6.0 was required to be able to access the console of the launched VMs.

There is however, a different problem. The host DNS stops working. The host is able to ping the external network (i.e. laptop's own Ethernet NIC) - only the DNS fails. Host DNS begins to work as soon as I run ./

I suspect this has to do with the dnsmasq configuration in /etc/neutron/dhcp-agent.ini...

/etc/resolv.conf is not changed before or after..

Any tips?

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