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Newbie needs a perfect guide for Openstack installation

asked 2016-10-02 04:48:24 -0500

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updated 2016-10-02 05:40:19 -0500

I am new to Openstack. My Employer wants me to setup a private cloud using Openstack Essex only. I am not aware of hardware configuration atleast. So, I am decided to buy a CPU and learn installing Openstack Essex. Kindly help me by clearing few of my doubts as described below.

  1. Can I install and run Openstack in normal home used CPU with configuration mentioned (here) ?
  2. I heard that DHCP Server is required to allocate Floating ips. So should I buy another CPU which acts as DHCP Server?
  3. I am interested in ESSEX version only even though it is outdated. Kindly point me to a detailed guide which I can refer to instal and run openstack.
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answered 2016-10-02 11:04:07 -0500


1) That hardware would probably run something like Devstack or Packstack - - just fine.

2) No, you don't need a second CPU to run DHCP - if you go the single-node install route, that's all built-in.

3) I don't know of any documentation that's out there for anything that old. It looks to me like Mirantis's documentation goes back to Fuel 5.0 (Icehouse) - - and Red Hat's documentation goes back to 2.0 (Folsom) - . As of today, there's no official support for either of those though.

Generally, I wouldn't suggest anyone attempt to install anything older than Icehouse. The newer releases can actually have support, and are far, far more stable and feature-rich than Essex.

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