Controller node hard disk crashed in fuel setup

asked 2016-09-30 04:24:15 -0500

manujcare gravatar image

Hi ,

Unfortunately my controller node hard disk is not detecting anymore (looks to be some hardware issue) and so I have lost my controller node. below is my setup:

Server 1 --- Fuel 9.0 Master node --- ok Server 2 --- Controller Node ----- Down ( Cannot boot and only SATA hard disk issue) Server 3 --- Compute Node ---- Ok Server 4 --- Ceilometer Node --- Ok Server 5 --- Storage Node ---- OK

Note: Earlier my cloud deployment was up and running with Mitaka on 14.04 Ubuntu. All above are spare physical servers of Quad Core - 8GB RAM - 500 GB HDD

Kindly suggest If I can retrieve my all controller node settings by adding a new physical server for controller node & redeploying/provisioning it


I have to start from scratch and there is no way of retrieving my VM instance ( running with Cinder Volume) as my sql was also on controller node.

Thanks !!

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