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Connect Docker Swarm Network with Neutron

asked 2016-09-28 14:05:00 -0500

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This is what I am trying to do:

I am setting up an openstack cluster with various tenant types and sizes. One thing we would like to do however is within it set up a docker swarm where we can put up many different container types for various projects we have going. The trouble is, that I am not totally sure exactly how I am going to get multiple IP addresses to the various docker containers.

Since I cannot attach an instance directly to the public network, how can I allow any given instance the ability to have multiple public IP addresses?


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answered 2016-09-29 05:12:45 -0500

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updated 2016-09-29 05:13:02 -0500

I am not 100% sure as I dont have experience with Docker Swarm, However have worked with OpenContrail and i can tell you that u can create a tenant network and chose to make it external , which will advertise this route to the gateway via bgp. (You will need to understand Contrail networking to get this).

i.e each instance TAP interface will be reachable form the gateway which is the interface to external (Physical) network.

Hope that helps. -VJ.

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That is an excellent start; I will investigate, thanks!

addosolutions gravatar imageaddosolutions ( 2016-09-29 09:35:03 -0500 )edit

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