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Keystone v2.0 & v3 for Identity

asked 2016-09-28 11:18:55 -0500

Tenma gravatar image

I installed Openstack Mitaka according to the official documents. It use the Keystone v3 for identify. But my Java code for identify is for keystoen v2.0, so I want to know whether I can configure Mitaka to support both Keystone v2.0 and v3.

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answered 2016-10-01 19:02:47 -0500

Yes, you need to configure the default_domain_id in your keystone.conf. From the Keystone docs for Mitaka:

default_domain_id = default (String)

This references the domain to use for all Identity API v2 requests (which are not aware of domains). A domain with this ID will be created for you by keystone-manage db_sync in migration 008. The domain referenced by this ID cannot be deleted on the v3 API, to prevent accidentally breaking the v2 API. There is nothing special about this domain, other than the fact that it must exist to order to maintain support for your v2 clients.

For example:


    default_domain_id = default
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