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Ways to debug deploy image?

asked 2016-09-27 14:52:05 -0500

erik-stephens gravatar image

I'm able to boot a bare metal instance to its deploy image (the recommended coreos one). There is a small window where I can ssh to the instance. It's failing to attach iscsi volume:

ironic.drivers.modules.agent_base_vendor Command: sudo ironic-rootwrap /etc/ironic/rootwrap.conf dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/disk/by-path/ bs=512 count=36

It shuts down shortly after. Short of building a custom deploy image, is there something I can do to keep the machine from shutting down so I can trouble-shoot? Thanks!

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answered 2016-10-01 12:31:58 -0500

I'm guessing on the versions of things you're using based on that output, but - generally -the easiest way to debug anything in IPA is to add ipa-debug=1 to the kernel command line. To do this:

Append ipa-debug=1 to the pxe_append_params setting in the ironic.conf file Restart the ironic-conductor with the command service ironic-conductor restart

Under older versions (ie: when using dracut), you could add as a boot parameter to force the instance to drop to a shell rather than rebooting when things go south.

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