Add security rules failed due to multiple security groups named with "default"

asked 2016-09-26 03:55:03 -0500

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After installed devstack, I follow the (doc) to set security rules:

$ openstack security group rule create --proto icmp --dst-port 0 default
More than one security_group exists with the name 'default'.

It claims I have multiple security_group which named with default, but I check with nova secgroup-list:

$ nova secgroup-list
WARNING: Command secgroup-list is deprecated and will be removed after Nova 15.0.0 is released. Use python-neutronclient or python-openstackclient instead.
| Id                                   | Name    | Description            |
| e5466481-f656-46fa-ac72-56f7ab118c70 | default | Default security group |

So, there is only one security group named with default...

Could any one give me some suggestion about that?

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answered 2016-11-22 20:47:23 -0500

maybe you're using admin credentials. my environment is different from yours, but i met the same error. sourcing the demo credentials worked for me.

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