Openstack vpn as a service issue

asked 2016-09-23 07:35:26 -0600

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 I am working on VPN as a Service use case in OpenStack Mitaka version. After I could see VPN tab under network options in Opetstack dashboard.  Tried to build VPN as a service with IPsec services like Strongswan.  While try to creating vpn services like IKE, IPsec Policies, VPN service and IPSec Site to Site connections status shows “Down”.  Even I could not see any errors in vpn agent logs as well as neutron service logs .

root@neutron:/home/oss# neutron ipsec-site-connection-list +--------------------------------------+-------+--------------+-----------+--------+ | id | name | peer_address | auth_mode | status | +--------------------------------------+-------+--------------+-----------+--------+ | ed0aa5a3-1032-4761-af03-3fc4f75c96a1 | site1 | | psk | DOWN | +--------------------------------------+-------+--------------+-----------+--------+

If anyone solve this issue kindly let me know so that I can proceed further. Thanks in Advance.

Thanks, Siva

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