lbaasv2 dashboard issues

asked 2016-09-13 17:52:03 -0600

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Hello all
I am running openstack Mitaka in a 2-node architecture, utilizing the linuxbridge agent, and following the openstack mitaka documentation for ubuntu. I have setup the load balancing V2 agent in mitaka using the haproxy agent, also following the documentation. I have installed the lbaasv2 horizon panel and I have verified the procedure as I am also using the panels for trove and manila.

When I try to create any load balancer from the web panel I get an error "error: source_type". I am able to create load balancers in the cli, however if I use the cli to create anything the lbaasv2 panel does not work at all with error: "cannot retrieve pools list". It will work again if I remove all load balancer devices.

I have the haproxy installed and I see none of these errors in the log, however; If I have a load balancer created I see "WARNING neutron_lbaas.drivers.haproxy.namespace_driver [-] Stats socket not found for loadbalancer" also the command ip netns does not show any load balancer devices and I do not have the "q-svc.log" file for checking api requests.

All other neutron services are running with no interuptions.
I believe the issue is either due to the haproxy driver or horizon api calls, however; I do not know what I can troubleshoot next, please assist.

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