Mitaka vpnaas multiple sites question

asked 2016-09-07 07:46:16 -0600

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Mitaka vpnaas multiple sites question

I try to configure multiple site to site connections assigned to the same router.

  Router ---- connection 1 ----- site 1
        \---- connection 2 ----- site 2

I can configure everything normally ike-policy, ipsec-policy and vpn-service. So now I have ike-policy_site1, ike-policy_site2, ipsec-policy_site1, ipsec-policy_site2, vpn-service_site1 and vpn-service_site2

step 1, I configure a Vpn Site connection for site 1 with ike-policy_site1, ipsec-policy_site1 and vpn-service_site1. after this the vpn site to site connection comes in service when looked at the /var/lib/neutron/ipsec/routeruuid/etc/ipsec.conf the config is there as expected.

step 2 I configure a Vpn Site connection for site 2 with ike-policy_site2, ipsec-policy_site2 and vpn-service_site2, the configuration is accepted. But now the problems starts. When now looked at the /var/lib/neutron/ipsec/routeruuid/etc/ipsec.conf only the configuration for site 2 is in there. the configuration for site 1 has vanished.

Anybody any idea what I am doing wrong?

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