Openstack kilo Compute Hosts - Ubuntu 14.04 - Guest Windows Server 2012 R2 will not boot.

asked 2016-09-07 04:48:02 -0500

kildarejoe gravatar image


Could anybody be of assistance - we have computes hosts made up of DL360 G5's and G7's, to enable live migration of guests between the two differnet versions of server - we enabled the following in the nova.conf file on the computes:


On computes 1,5,10 – G7s

[DEFAULT] vcpu_pin_set = "0-3"


cpu_mode = custom cpu_model = kvm64


On Computes 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,11,12

[libvirt] cpu_mode = custom cpu_model = kvm64

This enabled live-migration of VM's across all computes - but the problem we are having in this configuration is that Windows server 2012 R2 guest VM's will not boot on any node - get an generic boot error on the console of the VM.

Centos,Ubunut,Fedora and windows server 2008R2 - VM's have no problem booting on this configuration.


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