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Mirantis OpenStack Horizon IP Address

asked 2016-09-06 14:07:39 -0500

Duraivelan gravatar image

Hey Guys,


I have Installed a Mirantis Openstack environment via the Automatic Virtual Box Installtion scripts. All installed great , and so far all seems good.

Once we Spun up a Openstack Environment, ( Controller/ compute/Storgae ) it deployed properly and all went fine. Finally it gave us a Horizon Dashboard login IP as

I am able to Login to the Horizon Dashboard that seems fine

But my question is where does the IP resides, I had searched all the VM ( Fuel Master/ and 3 Fuel Slaves, namely Controller/ Storage and COmpute node ) .. none of the server seem to Host the IP

However, the IP is reachable and I can connect to the Dashboard.

May I know, where does this IP resides, and where the Horizon Dashboard is Installed

Thanks and Regards Durai Velan C

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answered 2016-09-07 03:17:57 -0500

hkominos gravatar image

For a start Horizon lies on the Controller. The ip subject is more complex. I think that the Ip that you are seeing is the IP provided my Haproxy. If you had 5 controllers then they would all have the same Ip So HAproxy does some form of NAT-ing and forward the packets properly. So i dont think that there is an interface with that IP.

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Thanks You for reply. How could I understand how the HAProxy does this. Is there any command set available to undertstand the Mapping to IP ??

Duraivelan gravatar imageDuraivelan ( 2016-09-07 05:13:16 -0500 )edit

Further, I had Managed to List the IPtables list. But none of them shows me the IP So I really need to undertstand where and how this IP is configured. Thanks!

Duraivelan gravatar imageDuraivelan ( 2016-09-07 05:15:08 -0500 )edit

Yeah good question.. I am currently asking the same. If you have a look at /etc/haproxy/conf.d/015-horizon.cfg you will see this address

Sofiane68 gravatar imageSofiane68 ( 2016-10-28 07:34:37 -0500 )edit

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