Volume Encryption Issues

asked 2016-09-06 07:20:43 -0500

jarvis@openstack gravatar image

The Volume Encryption supported by the Key Manager(Barbican). If yes, which github repository stable to perform the encryption for cinder volume. As I have used Mitaka and Master repository both some issues for the volume encryption with key manager. 1.) Openstack (Master-Version) a.) In the Master Openstack the policy.json error if you providing the admin credentials still it gives 403 error while getting and putting secrets and orders (Api) to Barbican. b.) And the Cinder client was not able to order to barbican client even after changing the cinder.conf and providing the [keymgr]

2.) Openstack (stable/mitaka-Version) a.) While attaching the encrypted volume to an instance it gives 404 error

made the specified changes to cinder.conf and nova.conf and commenting the fixed key and also added the keystone pipeline /etc/barbican/barbican-api-paste.ini

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