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How to have custom name for the VMs created using HEAT templates

asked 2016-08-30 03:40:36 -0500

divinedragon gravatar image

I am new to openstack and trying to create stacks using HEAT templates. However, the VM, I create using the helloworld.yaml from the official documentation, has name like HellowWorld1-server-7qws2kvup5um. Is there a way I can modify or specify that in the HEAT templates?

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answered 2016-08-30 05:12:33 -0500

Yes, its really easy and straightforward. You can give any name in the name attribute of the properties section of the instance. For Example

    type: OS::Nova::Server
      name: heat-vm-1
      image: <UUID of the image> 
      flavor: m1.xsmall

Hope that helps!!

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