Doubt in the redirect url to be saved in the federated server

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Hi Stackers,


I am almost about to finish this part of federation ( ), I have got few queries can you help please. I am saving the details of horizon in the server that helps in federation in order to treat horizon as a trusted service. The following are the details

  1. in keystone.conf

    the request signing key is replaced with a new privatekey.pem which has its pair (publickey.pem) stored in the server SP name is saved as fedhorizon

  2. I have created a new function named federated_horizon() in to which the redirection takes place after authentication


My query is

  1. Do we need to use the existing admin url http://localhost/admin/ to redirect the user after authentication or do I need to use a new function in as above(federated_horizon) and receive the response ?
  2. I executed a script and got the external idp added in the keystone service catalog but, when i view it in the dashboard the service is not holding the endpoint in its table unlike the other services, please find the attached screenshot. Is it because of the default configuration in devstack ? if is it so how do i change it ?

Thank you

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