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Heat: The resource type could not be found.

asked 2016-08-25 13:53:43 -0500

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updated 2016-09-20 11:59:38 -0500

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I'm just starting to use Heat templates for managing stack deployments. I've managed to create a good starter template that gives me a full network with a single instance that I can shell into. The problem is that I'm now looking to use that template from within other templates that get into more specifics. When I try to include the template it gives me an error that the resource could not be found.

Here is a gist of what I'm working with:

The full-network-pivot.yml runs just fine by itself, but when I include it in big-data-stack.yml it doesn't seem to be able to find it. I've tried using relative and absolute paths, as well as getting the raw link from github where it is stored, all give the same error.

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answered 2016-08-26 09:06:54 -0500

Would you please rename full-network-pivot.yml to full-network-pivot.yaml and retry?

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That worked for me. I find that very surprising.

Just found it is mentioned here: (

The template file extension must be .yaml or .template, or it will not be treated as a custom template resource.
dlbewley gravatar imagedlbewley ( 2019-01-08 23:03:10 -0500 )edit

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