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Deep understanding of live migration in openstack

asked 2016-08-22 20:42:03 -0500

fifi gravatar image

updated 2016-08-23 11:21:47 -0500

I have been looking for a resource which explains the VM migration in details in Openstack. I found some good resources such as

and text

However, they do not draw a holistic picture of whole migration process in Openstack. I would like to ask if anyone knows such a complete resource, please share it with others here. There are many resources which explain how to configure and run live migration, but I couldn't find something which explains e.g. the interaction between different Openstack services while migration is in progress.

Let's make this post a good place for those who are interested to know migration in depth.


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answered 2016-08-23 09:21:24 -0500

alevesque gravatar image


Im pretty sure in the video you posted, around 4-5 minutes, that they explain the internal mechanism of migration.

I know I have some other videos and will share them if I can find them.


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Thanks. Not just videos. Please share anything which can help us understanding migration in details

fifi gravatar imagefifi ( 2016-08-23 18:41:32 -0500 )edit

another interesting video in which you can find some general and high level ideas about live migration. text

fifi gravatar imagefifi ( 2016-08-23 21:04:45 -0500 )edit

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