Heat Group Based Policy Custom Constraints

asked 2016-08-18 12:29:18 -0600

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We have working parameterized Heat scripts which create service chains.

The scripts depend on several GBP resource existing on our OpenStack deployment. These GBP resources are used to build stack(s) for various orchestration configurations.

The heat templates use the UUID's of the existing GBP resources for identification. The UUID's are passed to the heat template via parameters in an environment file.

Heat has functionality to put constraints on the parameters it uses. The constraints allow for early validity checking of input parameters when executing a Heat template. Heat has a library of custom constraints that cover some of the resources that are used as parameters in heat templates eg: sahara.image, monasca.notification, mistral.workflow. There are NO GBP custom constraints available in Mataka Heat.

Question: Are there plans to provide custom GBP heat constraints as part of the GBP package for Mataka? Newton? Beyond? If not can anyone comment on any issues with using the existing stevedore based heat custom constraint plugin mechanism along with the openstack group, policy clients to build GBP custom constraints to check that these parameters are truely existing GBP resources. The resource types to be verified initially are, Actions, Classifiers and External Policies more will be added later.

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Why don't you contribute support for them to Heat?

zaneb gravatar imagezaneb ( 2016-09-20 13:42:44 -0600 )edit