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vm instance stuck in migrating status

asked 2016-08-16 01:44:48 -0500

yee379 gravatar image

I have live block migrations working in my RDO-Liberty deployment. I do not have shared storage and use the local disks for /var/lib/nova.

As i have some rather large (disk) instances, i set live_migration_progress_timeout to 0.

unfortuantely, this seems to have been a bad idea, as i was manually live migrating a couple of instances off a hypervisor at the same time... for other instances, if i did it one at a time, it took about 5 minutes; for these... well... one of them just gave up after about ~20 mins, and the other one is stuck in MIGRATING status (as per nova) - and has been for about 6 hours now.

is there a way i can just cancel the migration?

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answered 2019-06-14 04:57:46 -0500

Instances are not affected. Once you restart those services, the migration is cancelled.

If you are using containerized openstack, you have to restart nova-compute and nova-libvirt containers in the source host.

Then, after fixing your misconfiguration or whatever problem you were having, run the live migration again

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answered 2016-08-16 18:57:50 -0500

fifi gravatar image

updated 2016-08-16 19:01:11 -0500

I assume you are using QEMU and libvirt. To cancel the migration you run the following commands on your compute node which hosts the migrating instance:

 service nova-compute restart

service libvirt-bin restart

The reason your instance gets stuck in migration or it takes a long time can be:

1- wrong configuration

2- network bandwidth limit

3-RabbitMQ problem

If you post more detail, I can give you more accurate answer

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does restarting nova-compute and libvirt-bin on hypervisor will cause any side effects to other VM's running on it

Deepa gravatar imageDeepa ( 2017-10-11 04:04:24 -0500 )edit

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