Manila with CephFS and Kernel Client

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I have read some docs regarding Manila with CephFS backend. All of them are using ceph-fuse as client even they say that it is possible to use CephFS kernel client but no one explain how to do that. Any one can explain about this? Beside I get a note on which says "If you choose to use the kernel client rather than the FUSE client, the share size limits set in manila may not be obeyed". How can it be? In that case, what is the function of Manila in opposite of using CephFS directly without Manila (it seem CephFS has quota too)?

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answered 2016-08-23 04:47:26 -0500

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The CephFS-native driver gives a Ceph auth ID access to a Manila share (a directory within CephFS). The end user can use either the FUSE client or the kernel client to mount the share using the Ceph auth ID.

Currently, the kernel client doesn't have quota support, which is needed to respect share sizes. So it's recommended that you use the FUSE client, which supports quota with following limitations, (

The benefit of using Manila with CephFS is tied to the benefit of using Manila. Yes, you can directly use CephFS. But if you have an OpenStack cloud through which you want to serve file shares too, then using Manila backed by CephFS would be helpful.

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