How to add a menu in horizon? [closed]

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I want to add a menu item in "project".I have done these steps: 1) Change /project/ to add dynamicsec1

class BasePanels(horizon.PanelGroup):
slug = "compute"
name = _("Manage Compute")
panels = ('overview',

2) I mkdir dynamicsec1 in the directory project

3) create,, and the directory "templates" And like this:

from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
import horizon
from openstack_dashboard.dashboards.project import dashboard

class DynamicSec(horizon.Panel):
    name = _("DynamicSec")
    slug = 'dynamicsec'
    roles = ('admin',)


4) I put index.html in templates/dynamicsec.

But after I doing these the menu dynaminsec could not be seen when logging in horizon. I want to know why and how can I deal with it.

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