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How do alarms in Ceilometer manifest as alerts? In other words, when a threshold is crossed, how/where would I be able to see an alert?

asked 2016-08-08 21:09:12 -0600

Jayjee gravatar image

I have configured a CPU threshold alarm condition. I would like to make an API call to ceilometer to get the following information - the current CPU util value that crossed the threshold, the threshold value, the time when the threshold was crossed, the instance, etc.

Here are my settings - a) Alarm condition: cpu_util > 0.03 during 2 x 65s; alarm action: log b) Evaluation interval (in ceilometer.conf) set to 70s. c) Pipeline timers (in pipeline.yaml) set to 60s. d) I'm running Juno.

My understanding is evaluation interval (70s) should be greater than pipeline interval (60s) and alarm period (65s).

When I run ceilometer alarm-list command, I see the state as "alarm". It transitions from "insufficient data".

I have the following questions - 1. When the threshold crosses, where do I look to confirm that an alert is getting raised? 2. Do my 3 timer settings make sense? 3. What specific API call will give me the information I'm looking for? GET v2/alarms gives me the threshold value but not the actual CPU utilization value.


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answered 2016-08-09 01:45:58 -0600

yprokule gravatar image

updated 2016-08-09 01:46:25 -0600

  1. It depends on alarm_actions setting. If log - /var/log/ceilometer/alarm-notifier.log, if http - check the receiving endpoint.
  2. Evaluation interval indeed must be greater than polling interval, but it's not required to be grater than evaluation_period
  3. Alarm's info won't show U the meter's value that caused alarm's transition. Though in logs U'll see smth like:

    Transition to alarm due to 3 samples outside threshold, most recent: 7.0.

And U can run the alarm's query manually

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