What is the Bare-Minimal Horizon?

asked 2016-08-08 15:23:06 -0600

jdwald gravatar image

I've been playing around with openstack (installed via devstack on a Ubuntu virtualbox). I created my own dashboard for Horizon. I'm looking to see what the minimum install might be on my server to drive just my dashboard within Horizon. So, I'd only want my own dashboard visible; Horizon would only provide basic framework for my dashboard (so login/session management, and messaging). I wouldn't have the Project/Admin dashboards; Identity could be there if required for login/session management.

I tried to remove/hide the Project and Admin dashboards, by updating the appropriate files in openstack_dashboard/enabled to add the disabled = true option, and this does remove those dashboards. If I try the same thing for Identity, there are login issues as the GUI attempts to display the user home page (seems to default to Admin->Projects page).

Along the same line as hiding unnecessary dashboards, I'd like to remove/uninstall any services that are unneeded. I think I only need keystone (to handle authentication) -- but I have no idea how to remove other services from my openstack install. For example, I believe glance provides support for images. I will not be using image management -- so would prefer to remove it (or just not install it).

What is the bare-minimum install for a scenario in which only the Horizon framework (login, etc) is required -- and all content is outside the openstack APIs? As I said, I used devstack (due to its simplicity). Any suggestions on how to proceed?

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