How to configure DHCP agent when I'm using openvswitch and linux bridge in cloud at the same time

asked 2013-12-26 20:44:02 -0600

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Hi list,

I'm trying to test ML2 functions. It said ML2 "allows multiple mechanism drivers to access same network simultaneously". So, I configured:

  1. Server node: run neutron-server

  2. Network node: run dhcp-agent

  3. compute node1 : run openvswitch-agent

  4. compute node2 : run linux-bridge-agent

All configurations are using physnet1 with vlan mode. But, I can't figure out what deriver should I use for DHCP agent. Anyone can help me ??



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answered 2015-02-14 01:26:14 -0600

Moe gravatar image

DHCP agent is completely separated from machanism driver ML2 agent and works in network Layer 2 so it is not important which L2 driver you have used in compute nodes, it the matter of frames and L2 standards,

I did not get if you have a problem? if so please leave your log message here


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