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I am trying to get a working openstack liberty in one of our dev servers that has minimal configuration and has ubuntu 14:04.

All the components looks good and I was able to create instance and view the dashboard too.

Now, I am trying to create a volume and this is where I am facing an issue.

We have a node that has a disk 'sda' with 8GB and we followed the steps listed here to prepare the disk.

​output of lsblk​


sda xfs

└─sda1 LVM2_member

Then we followed the standard documentation

On Controller node

root@dev-controller:~/scripts# cinder service-list +------------------+----------------+----------+---------+-------+----------------------------+-----------------+ | Binary | Host | Zone | Status | State | Updated_at | Disabled Reason | +------------------+----------------+----------+---------+-------+----------------------------+-----------------+ | cinder-scheduler | dev-controller | nova | enabled | up | 2016-08-04T12:03:55.000000 | - | | cinder-volume | dev-osd1@lvm | osd1 | enabled | up | 2016-08-04T12:03:51.000000 | - | | cinder-volume | dev-osd2@lvm | dev-osd2 | enabled | up | 2016-08-04T12:03:54.000000 | - | | cinder-volume | dev-osd3@lvm | nova | enabled | up | 2016-08-04T12:03:55.000000 | - | +------------------+----------------+----------+---------+-------+----------------------------+-----------------+

​By default all the volumes were listed under "nova" zone but we changed it to different node while trying things out.

Command to create volume

cinder create --volume_type lvm --display_name testvol 1 --availability-zone dev-osd2 

cinder create --volume_type lvm --display_name testb 1

The 'cinder create' command works but 'cinder list' command shows that the volume is in error state. Both of these commands end up in error state.


2016-08-04 20:11:46.466 3461 INFO cinder.openstack.common.scheduler.base_filter [req-d1e3c63e-0d15-42cc-af3f-7867689cf4fe db30662c15f44a5e9b4cdd3fb5125762 0d1a9f632e4c4dd3a090c7c377fbcc77 - - -] Filter AvailabilityZoneFilter returned 0 host(s) 2016-08-04 20:11:46.469 3461 ERROR cinder.scheduler.flows.create_volume [req-d1e3c63e-0d15-42cc-af3f-7867689cf4fe db30662c15f44a5e9b4cdd3fb5125762 0d1a9f632e4c4dd3a090c7c377fbcc77 - - -] Failed to run task cinder.scheduler.flows.create_volume.ScheduleCreateVolumeTask;volume:create: No valid host was found. No weighed hosts available 2016-08-04 20:11:46.471 3461 DEBUG cinder.volume.flows.common [req-d1e3c63e-0d15-42cc-af3f-7867689cf4fe db30662c15f44a5e9b4cdd3fb5125762 0d1a9f632e4c4dd3a090c7c377fbcc77 - - -] Updating volume: 89a42d39-f7a9-41ce-84b7-76160d444597 with {'status': 'error'} due to: No valid host was found. No weighed hosts available _update_object /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cinder/volume/flows/

I have checked and made sure that all the database connect string are correct and that the host are able to connect to the controller. RabbitMQ is fine too.

Please help me figure this out :)

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Please share contents of cinder.conf file, Also let us know the output of below command.

cinder type-list
sunnyarora gravatar imagesunnyarora ( 2016-08-25 04:51:09 -0500 )edit