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ceilometer not showing all object storage meters

asked 2016-07-28 10:03:31 -0500

gertje gravatar image

Running mitaka swift object storage using keystone/wsgi and ceilometer. For using ceilometer with swift we have updated the pipeline in the proxy-server.conf and also added the filter information to the proxy-server.conf. [filter:ceilometer] paste.filter_factory = ceilometermiddleware.swift:filter_factory control_exchange = swift url = rabbit://openstack:xxxx@cluno1:5672, cluno2:5672/ driver = messagingv2 topic = notifications log_level = WARN

pipeline = catch_errors gatekeeper healthcheck proxy-logging cache swift3 s3token container_sync bulk formpost slo dlo ratelimit tempurl authtoken keystoneauth staticweb container-quotas account-quotas versioned_writes proxy-logging ceilometer proxy-server

All openstack packages run latest version on CentOS 7. The ceilometer displays the following meters for swift: storage.objects storage.objects.size storage.objects.containers storage.objects.incoming.bytes storage.objects.outgoing.bytes storage.containers.objects storage.containers.objects.size

HOWEVER, storage.api.request meter is NOT shown. All other ceilometer statistics reports run ok. Why is storage.api.request information not shown?

Thanks in advance for answering -gw

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answered 2016-08-01 09:51:29 -0500

gertje gravatar image

Solved my own problem. In /etc/ceilometer/ceilometer.conf the following setting is default.

disable_non_metric_meters = true

Change this to disable_non_metric_meters = false

and restart ceilometer services. Then storage.api.request will be displayed, e.g. in ceilometer statistics -m storage.api.request

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