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Flavor with specific volume_type

asked 2016-07-26 08:10:47 -0500

bertly gravatar image

Hi guys,

i am trying to create a custom flavor that should use a local storage on a specific compute node. This is on a Mitaka installation.

For that I am creating a cinder type that has the colume_backend_name as attribute:

cinder type-create lvm-hv03
cinder type-key lvm-hv03 set volume_backend_name=lvm-hv03

That is working without any problem and I can create a cinder volume with that type:

cinder create 2 --name test --volume-type lvm-hv03

Now lets create a aggregated host with my type and the host where this is available:

nova aggregate-create lvm-hv03
nova aggregate-add-host <id> hv03
nova aggregate-set-metadata lvm-hv03 volume_type=lvm-hv03

And finally the custom flavor:

nova flavor-create lvm.hv03 6 2000 20 2
nova flavor-key <id> set volume_type=lvm-hv03

I hoped that when I start a instance with the flavor lvm.hv03 it should start on the compute node hv03 and use the cinder backend lvm-hv03, but of course it does not. I get this:

2016-07-26 14:21:00.783 1389 INFO nova.filters [req-2ad4449a-b11e-42b3-9a60-66fb926bdaac 217ce8c543b3495fa23b48a99cf9e4c5 3723cf7355e946efbf40f4f29ff845f6 - - -] Filter ComputeCapabilitiesFilter returned 0 hosts
2016-07-26 14:21:00.785 1389 INFO nova.filters [req-2ad4449a-b11e-42b3-9a60-66fb926bdaac 217ce8c543b3495fa23b48a99cf9e4c5 3723cf7355e946efbf40f4f29ff845f6 - - -] Filtering removed all hosts for the request with instance ID '3847f3a5-a384-4704-bd51-ae452449406d'. Filter results: ['RetryFilter: (start: 3, end: 3)', 'AvailabilityZoneFilter: (start: 3, end: 3)', 'RamFilter: (start: 3, end: 3)', 'DiskFilter: (start: 3, end: 3)', 'ComputeFilter: (start: 3, end: 3)', 'ComputeCapabilitiesFilter: (start: 3, end: 0)']

May be I am on the wrong way, but shouldn't it work? Any idea are apprechiated.

Many Thanks


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answered 2016-11-30 09:34:30 -0500

updated 2016-11-30 09:38:49 -0500

Hi, excuse my late answer. Is the AggregateInstanceExtraSpecsFilter enabled? /quote To configure the scheduler to support host aggregates, the scheduler_default_filters configuration option must contain the AggregateInstanceExtraSpecsFilter in addition to the other filters used by the scheduler. /


cheers Frank

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answered 2016-08-09 08:49:42 -0500

bertly gravatar image

I doubt that no one ever tried that before. No ideas?

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