Nova Compute LXD and Linux Bridge Agent on Ubuntu 16.04.1 and Documentation

asked 2016-07-26 03:00:01 -0500

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updated 2016-07-26 03:04:10 -0500

As I could not make a compute node work out of the box with lxd with 16.04 for networking I was wondering if I could be pointed to the right direction.

Two questions:

1) Does nova-compute-lxd work with Linux Bridge Agent on Ubuntu 16.04.1?

According to recent posts I could read that early versions would only work with OVS and that there was a patch around to use veth vs tap. I have successfully installed nova-compute-lxd, nova instances can be created but there is an issue with networking: although fixed ip and and floating ip can be allocated, there is no network connectivity although tcpdump shows relevant packets reaching the underlying interfaces. I suspect that there is an issue with Linux Bridge that might not yet be supported.

2) Is there detailed documentation for nova-compute-lxd setup with networking?

Although LXD seems a quite powerful solution, detailed documentation for a basic reference setup would be nice, especially with respect to LXD bridge and networking on the compute node and LXD setup for Openstack in general as one may one to try it to replace a KVM based compute node and not necessarily try a trial bundle at the first place.

Help very much appreciated.

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