openstack Neutron to Control external Traffic

asked 2016-07-25 11:27:07 -0600

wizmehta gravatar image

Hello All, I'm relatively new to OS, so please excuse my ignorant questions. But, I was wondering if it is possible to just control Hardware Switches using OpenStack Neutron. Let us say, I create a network(INTNET) using Neutron and add a couple of instances(VM1 & VM2) to it. Now, inter VM traffic between these guys is all perfect. Now, If i want two different sites to have two (Physical Real) switches(S1 & S2) and then put them to the above network created(INTNET), is it possible? Say I have a workstation connected to the above switch, will these workstations be able to ping and talk to the VMs?

I want to be able to let these Remote Workstations be able to ping each other. These Workstations have IP connectivity, but is it possible to set them up as a part of a Tunnel? VxLAN sort of. Can OpenStack create a VxLAN between the remote workstations and let them talk to each other? Sorry IF i do not make sense, I will be happily willing to explain further. I'm new to Openstack and could use the help.

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