Implement openstack-ansible whitout load-balancer

asked 2016-07-25 04:06:44 -0500

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Hello All,

I Want to deploy openstack-ansible on VMware ESXi for testing purpuse.

    1 x ansibe deploy node    
    3 x controller node
    3 x compute node
    3 x storage node

According to openstack-ansible (Mitaka release) documentation, for deploy a cluster, we should configure Load-Balancer configuration in openstack_user_config.yml file. Bellow section :

  # Internal load balancer VIP address
  internal_lb_vip_address: INTERNAL_LB_VIP_ADDRESS
  # External (DMZ) load balancer VIP address
  external_lb_vip_address: EXTERNAL_LB_VIP_ADDRESS
  # Container network bridge device
  management_bridge: "MGMT_BRIDGE"
  # Tunnel network bridge device
  tunnel_bridge: "TUNNEL_BRIDGE"

So :

  1. Is it essential to configure load-balancer section ???

  2. For testing environment, we don't have any physical load-balancer right now, so is it possible to configure software based load balancer(in VMware Environment) ?

thank you for your help !!

Regards Albert

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