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Is it possible to use Cinder as the machines drive?

asked 2016-07-20 06:38:11 -0500

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We are currently running OpenStack Liberty in a test environment to test out all of the functionality. We have 4 separate servers a controlloler, compute, storage node, and object storage node. One thing I have noticed however is that every VM that is created is using the space in the compute node rather than the storage node. Is it possible to create a VM so that it uses volumes created through Cinder as its drives?

I know that there's an option to attach a volume once the VM is created but i'm curious if there is anything I can do to attach the VM to that volume before creation

I am trying to do all this through the Horizon Dashboard

Thank you!

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answered 2016-07-20 07:16:54 -0500

yes, you can use cinder volume as your primary disk for instances, simply when you create a new instances on horizon you have to select under "Instance Boot Source" -> Boot from Image (Create a new volume), then you could select the image name and the disk size... that's all!

otherwise you can do the same things in two steps: - create a new cinder volume and under Volume source select Image -> then select the image name, type, size and availability zone; - after that you could create a new instance and under "Instance Boot Source" you can select Boot from Volume and then you can select the volume just created.

HTH Amedeo

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