Havana on 2 nodes with Ubuntu 12.04 [closed]

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Hi all.

I am trying to run OpenStack Havana with two nodes (one controller and one compute node). I have followed the instructions from http://docs.openstack.org/havana/install-guide/install/apt/content/index.html till adding the dashboard. I am able to SSH to the instances if they are on the controller node and everything works fine. However, if the instances are on the compute node, I cannot SSH them. What am I missing? Is there anything I need to do other than the installation guide to be able to get access to the VMs on compute nodes?

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please search this site for suggestions on how to debug networking issues (ping and ssh) among newly created instances. This is a FAQ that is hard to debug remotely.

smaffulli gravatar imagesmaffulli ( 2013-12-27 14:15:04 -0600 )edit