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Error: Invalid service catalog service: nfv-orchestration

asked 2016-07-12 01:04:26 -0500

prateeka gravatar image

I have installed tacker and tacker-horizon in my openstack setup. VNF launching is also successful, but while logging into tacker-horizon and clicking on VNF Manger it is throwing the error Invalid service catalog service: nfv-orchestration Can somebody help?

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answered 2016-07-30 20:50:16 -0500

Mo Oye gravatar image

Hello Don't know if you are still having the issue but figure this might be helpful if someone else encounters this in future. Encountered the same problem during a tacker installation following manual on this page:

Problem for me was wrong auth_url, Would advise you take a look at your heat.conf and nova.conf for correct settings and copy into tacker.conf

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