Cannot SSH into my instance.

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Hi, I cannot SSH into my VM from assigned floating IP.
I am in a firm whose detaials are:
1) network address is,
2) gateway is
I need my VM to be accessible from inside the company at least. I am neither a network nor an openstack expert. I have setup Openstack,
What I tried:
I created a private network(
An external network(
A router with two interfaces (,

Since I needed to create another external and openstack was not allowing me to do so. I had to change external_network_bridge = br-ex
external_network_bridge =

I had added the rules for TCP and ICMP in Access and Security
Still it gives me the error No route to host for port 22

Kindly help me. Let me know if you need more details. If yes, what details do you need

Do I need to create a bridge?

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