instance not able to reach internet with associated ip

asked 2016-07-09 05:50:23 -0600

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i have a external network defined and i am able to create network and router under tenant account. I am also able to launch instance and able to reach the internet from the VM, but VM stops reaching internet, once I associate floating IP to the VM. This is happening only for few tenants and not for all. Is there any thing which I am missing, I tried looking on, but did not find any solution.

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answered 2016-07-10 11:33:28 -0600

james-denton gravatar image

That's an interesting issue. By default, the Neutron router grabs an IP from the external provider network will source NAT all traffic from VMs without a floating IP as that address. Couple of questions:

  • Is your external provider network a non-RFC1918 network, meaning the addresses are publicly routable?
  • Or is it an RFC1918 network? If so, do the other addresses in the network have some kind of external NAT that is responsible for translating them to an Internet-routable address?
  • Can you reach the instance via floating IP from within your network?
  • Can the instance reach resources within your network, even though it can't reach the Internet?
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