Does the create_port_postcommit method work in liberty´╝č

asked 2016-07-08 01:19:27 -0600

kramer gravatar image

I am talking about the below method in ovs-mech-driver of ml2 plugin.

def create_port_postcommit(self, context):
    """Create a port.

    :param context: PortContext instance describing the port.

    Called after the transaction completes. Call can block, though
    will block the entire process so care should be taken to not
    drastically affect performance.  Raising an exception will
    result in the deletion of the resource.

In mitaka version, I added some log print statement in this function. So when create port these statements will be executed. I tested it and it works fine. Create vm, create net/subnet will all cause this func to run.

But in liberty, I did the same thing and it is not working. It seems this func will not be called. So does anyone know about this?

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