Messages received from OpenStack after Live Migration

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I am trying to write one JAVA application to detect Live Migration of VM where the hyper-visors are KVM .

For that I am subscribing to the Rabbit MQ for the messages sent from OpenStack. But I am observing that the messages sent from OpenStack is not consistent for both Live Migration successful and failure case.

Lets say there are two hypervisor A and B . The VM "MyVm" is hosted in A . So if I trigger Live Migration from A to B I get the following set of messages with the event_type below.

"event_type": "compute.instance.update", "event_type": "compute.instance.update", "event_type": "compute.instance.live_migration._post.start", "event_type": "compute.instance.update", "event_type": "compute.instance.update", "event_type": "compute.instance.live_migration._post.end",

Now if the same VM migrates from hypervisor B to A I get the following event type

"event_type": "compute.instance.update", "event_type": "compute.instance.live_migration.pre.start", "event_type": "compute.instance.live_migration.pre.end", "event_type": "compute.instance.update", "event_type": "compute.instance.update", "event_type": "", "event_type": "compute.instance.update", "event_type": "",

Also in these JSON messages the destination hypervisor is not present in consistent way. That is some time the destination hypervisor address present in ""event_type": "" and some time in ""event_type": "compute.instance.update",

So my question is there any way to detect live migration in consistent way using messages received from Rabbit Message Queue ? What are the messages sent in case of successful Live Migration?

Also Is there any particular message sent by Open Stack through Rabbit Message Queue in case of failure in Live Migration ?

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hiļ¼Œhave you solved this question?

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